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Duration: 6 Months

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The Loans We Provide

Personal Loans

The ideal small loans online, quick personal loans are short term loans UK borrowed to meet immediate any legit personal expenses.

Payday Loans

The short term payday loans are financial saviors when you need small cash before your paycheck comes in, and repay on your payday.

Unsecured Loans

Also called as the no guarantor loans, the unsecured loans online are small loans UK that do not need any collateral or guarantor.

About PeppyLoans

Whether a quick payday loan or any small personal loans online, getting it from authentic lenders could be a challenge in a market that is easily prone to scam. At PeppyLoans, we work with a far-flung network of lenders who work with utmost clarity and honesty to ensure your short term loan is approved as early as possible. We do not consider your credit history, and try their best to offer the best suitable no credit check loans at low interest rates. Right from allowing you to submit a simple online application to connecting you with verified lenders for quick loan approvals, we are committed to assist you.

Our lenders make quick decisions and give timely updates to keep you tagged with the ongoing process. Your income sources, your commitments, and other affordability aspects are considered before finalizing the repayment terms, including the APR, repayable amount, and duration.

About PeppyLoans

To make it easy for the user, we offer a stress-free application process and provide all the needed details on our website to save everyone's time. With our clearly mentioned eligibility criteria, the customers can know if they are eligible to apply for a loan with us, and proceed, rather than going through the entire process to know later that they aren't eligible.

Multiple Loan Choices – Be it a short term payday loan, small personal loans, or any other unsecured loans online, choose the best suitable loan options.

No Extensive Paperwork – We just ask for basic documents to authenticate identity, residential, and income details, and do not need overwhelming paperwork.

No Credit Check – Your credit score is not an important criterion for us to pass on your application to the lenders, giving everyone an equal opportunity.

Law Abiding – We abide by all the guidelines and regulations in regard to small loan lending, data privacy, and are compliant with the legal rules.

Quick Decisions – Our processing is simple, and our lenders make quick decisions within minutes of receiving of your application to save your time.

Choose Best Option – You can compare the quotes from different lenders in our network, and finalize the one whose terms best suit your capacity and needs.

What You Need For Your Low Interest Small Loans?

To get your quick personal loans, short term payday loans, or any other suitable small loans online with us, there are a few pointers to consider before you start to apply for it - you need to check your eligibility criteria and ensure you have all the needed documents ready at hand.

How it Works

Get Your Short Term Loans UK With A Simple Online Application

Check eligibility

Check your eligibility if you are qualified to apply for a small loan.

Submit application

Submit the fully filled in online application form on this website.

Lenders Approval

The lenders will check to approve or reject the application.

Funds transfer

If approved, the funds will be transferred soon to your account.

Check Your Eligibility

  • Age - Are you 21 years of age or above?
  • Residency - Are you a legal resident of the UK?
  • Address - Do you have a permanent UK residential address?
  • Bank Account - Do you have an active bank account?
  • Income - Do you have a regular income?
  • Bankruptcy - Have you been declared bankrupt in the past 1 year?

The Needed Documents

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residency
  • Permanent Residential Information
  • Current Residential Information
  • Valid Income Proof
  • Current Bank Account Details

Why Choose PeppyLoans?

Finances are sensitive matters that could make or break an individual, and to deal with it the right way, it calls for the right people. At PeppyLoans, winning customers with trust, transparency, and quality is our core working principle. Connecting you with the best lenders from our widespread lender network is our aim, with the hope that your application for the suitable small loans UK is approved smoothly, and you receive your loan amounts soon to meet your needs. We give you more than one valid reason to choose us, and here are a few of them –

authentic lenders
Authentic Lenders

We work only with authorized lenders who follow the GDPR and FCA regulations while processing or lending a short term loan application.

low interest loans
Low Interest Loans

To save your money to the maximum, we work with lenders who provide fixed and low interest personal loans and other small loans.

online application
Free Online Application

You can apply for the needed quick personal loans or any no guarantor loans from our website for free, without getting charged.

secure and private
Secure and Private

We strictly abide by the FCA and Data Security Act regulations to ensure complete safety and confidentiality of your private data.

Hassle-Free Process
Hassle-Free Process

Right from knowing your eligibility, to applying the online form, connecting with lenders, and approval, we make it a smooth process.

swift approvals
Swift Approvals

The approval rates of our applications is relatively higher, while saving time with regular updates, without beating around the bush.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PeppyLoans is an online platform connecting small loan borrowers in the UK with suitable lenders or credit brokers from our exclusive network within the UK, who offer a wide range of loans and credit options. We are not direct lenders or brokers, but only allow free online application for certain quick cash loans, which will be passed on to the lenders or brokers.

PeppyLoans allows the application to borrow payday loans, personal loans, and other unsecured loans online, from our wide network of verified lenders and brokers. You can choose from our list of small cash loans, and apply on our website form by providing all the required correct details. Your online application will be passed on to suitable lenders who will check and process it.

Typically, the lenders in the network of PeppyLoans offer short term loans for amounts ranging anywhere in between £100 to a maximum of £5000, imposing a variable representative APR of 35.9% on the borrowed amount. Since most of it is the no guarantor loans, the lenders may apply considerable APR along with suitable terms. PeppyLoans does not have any say in the final repayment terms, and it will be finalized only between the borrower and lender.

Before applying for any quick small loans with us, you need to make sure that you are eligible for it. The eligibility criteria are mentioned on our website, and they include - you being a legal adult of 21 years of age and above; are a legal resident of the UK with a permanent residential address; have a regular income and active bank account, and should not have been bankrupt in the past 1 year. If you qualify for all these criteria, you can apply for a small loan with us.

Representative Example

£1000 loan borrowed for 15 months. Imposed APR is 35%. The total repayable amount is £1248.90 after 15 months including total payable interest of £248.90 at monthly instalment of £83.26.