Frequently Asked Questions

PeppyLoans is an online platform connecting small loan borrowers in the UK with suitable lenders or credit brokers from our exclusive network within the UK, who offer a wide range of loans and credit options. We are not direct lenders or brokers, but only allow free online application for certain quick cash loans, which will be passed on to the lenders or brokers.

PeppyLoans allows the application to borrow payday loans, personal loans, and other unsecured loans online, from our wide network of verified lenders and brokers. You can choose from our list of small cash loans, and apply on our website form by providing all the required correct details. Your online application will be passed on to suitable lenders who will check and process it.

Typically, the lenders in the network of PeppyLoans offer short term loans for amounts ranging anywhere in between £100 to a maximum of £5000, imposing a variable representative APR of 35.9% on the borrowed amount. Since most of it is the no guarantor loans, the lenders may apply considerable APR along with suitable terms. PeppyLoans does not have any say in the final repayment terms, and it will be finalized only between the borrower and lender.

Before applying for any quick small loans with us, you need to make sure that you are eligible for it. The eligibility criteria are mentioned on our website, and they include - you being a legal adult of 21 years of age and above; are a legal resident of the UK with a permanent residential address; have a regular income and active bank account, and should not have been bankrupt in the past 1 year. If you qualify for all these criteria, you can apply for a small loan with us.

Although most financial institutions consider credit scores as one of the major credit worthy aspects of any individual, at PeppyLoans, we do not consider them as an eligibility norm to apply for a loan or approval from our lenders. You can apply for unsecured loans online even with a poor credit score. However, the repayment terms and the APR imposed by the lenders may depend on these scores.

The repayment terms are finalized by the mutual agreement of the borrowers and lenders. Most lenders prefer online transferring of the instalments directly into their bank accounts. To avoid any non-payments, you can set your bank account for auto-debiting so the instalment amount gets transferred to the lender's account automatically on a set date. If the online transfer is not feasible for you, talk to the lender for a preferred mode of repayment.

During an unfortunate case where are not able to pay your instalment on time, it is vital that you inform the lender ahead of time. In the event of delayed payment, it is possible that the lenders charge an extra late payment fee or additional interest rates, accordingly. However, continued non-payment of the loan for longer periods may lead to the lender confiscating any assets or collateral in case of secured loans, or press legal charges.

At PeppyLoans, we and our lenders abide strictly by the Data Security Act, the GDPR guidelines, and all other small loan lending and privacy regulations. Also, we use advanced technologies for our website and database, protecting it against malware, data misuse, or any possible fraudulence. Furthermore, your personal data will not be shared with any third party, in regard to loan borrowing aspects, without your consent.

APR - Annual Percentage Rate - is the average interest rate calculated annually, which will be imposed on your borrowed loan amount. Usually, the lenders consider different factors including your credit scores, borrowing loan amounts, type of loan, repayment tenure, and other determinants while finalizing the APR on your loan. You will have to repay your installment amount along with the imposed APR. Different lenders charge different APRs. The lenders in the PeppyLoans network charge a variable representative interest rate of 35.9%.

The users can apply for a quick cash loan from our website for free, and we will not charge them any amount for the online application. We will pass on your loan application to suitable lenders in our network, and connect them with you. If the deal is finalized between you and the lender, PeppyLoans will earn a commission from the lender for connecting a borrower. This commission fee is the only source of revenue for PeppyLoans.